Colona Transfer offers transloading services between CSX rail access, a harbor on the Ohio River, and PA State Route 51 truck access.


Barge to Ground

Barge to Rail

Barge to Truck

We have a 60 barge harbor located on the Ohio River at Mile Marker 23.5. The harbor is flanked by two docks. The harbor services standard, jumbo and stumbo sized barges. We can unload from barges with the following equipment: Komatsu PC1000, CAT 385 Excavator, and CAT 375 Excavator.


Rail to Barge

Rail to Ground

Rail to Truck

The terminal has a direct interchange with the CSX’ Aliquippa Yard to our private, owned track, with space for two 130 car unit trains and an additional 70 spots for railcar storage. We are currently constructing new sidings for even more rail car storage.

We have two private, owned locomotives that provide total control and flexibly when completing railcar switches.

We have two railcar unloading hoppers, which are both bottom discharge. The first hopper is a rapid discharge hopper that can handle 130 cars in 12 hours. It has a side shaker so that it can be used for both aluminum and steel cars. This hopper is connected to an automated conveyor system that provides the ability to direct transload from rail to barge without handling the material twice, to dump cars without manually opening doors and to sample coal.

The second hopper is utilized for aggregates and is a top shaker dump house for manual discharge doors. The terminal also has multiple RBT machines for under car rail-to-truck transloading.


Truck to Barge

Truck to Ground

Truck to Rail

We have two access driveways from PA Route 51, a state highway. Route 51 is located nearby I-376, I-79, I-76 and I-279. The terminal has two truck scales to handle high volumes of truck traffic.