Colona Transfer, LP was formed by the McClymonds group of companies in 2001 for the purpose of acquiring the Colona River Terminal. This original acquisition included 31 acres of property, one dock, one crane, and one rail unloading hopper. The initial focus for this acquisition was rail-to-truck and rail-to-barge transloading of coal.

In 2005, Colona acquired an adjoining 37 acres from Empire Terminal, Inc. The Empire acquisition added two additional coal yards for outside laydown storage space. It also included a private, owned railyard for railcar storage. Shortly after this acquisition, Colona constructed a rapid discharge coal unloading system. The existing rail unloading hopper from the original acquisition was shifted to focus on aggregate unloading.

Colona expanded its footprint again in 2006 by acquiring an adjacent 19 acres from the Mansell family. This 2006 addition provided Colona with its current offices, four warehouses and outside laydown storage space that is currently used for aggregates and salt.

The organization greatly expanded its warehousing services in 2013 by acquiring the neighboring Beaver Valley Industrial Park. This facility is operated by Colona’s subsidiary company, BV Industrial Park, LLC. The industrial park provides 286,865 square feet of dry warehousing over 30 acres. For more information on the Beaver Valley Industrial Park, please visit www.bvip.com.

Colona has entered into several development and purchase agreements with the CSX railroad to acquire more than 2 miles of track from the Terminal to CSX’s Aliquippa Yard, which provides Colona with the ability to directly interchange unit trains with the CSX.

Mission Statement

Colona Transfer, LP provides intermodal bulk material handling services to the Port of Pittsburgh, the eastern United States and global transportation markets. We strive to provide friendly and precise terminal services with a very diligent work ethic.


Superintendent – John Bartoletti, Sr.

John Bartoletti, Sr. has 41 years of heavy equipment operation and bulk material handling experience. He is proficient with the production and safety aspects of the transloading industry. Mr. Bartoletti has developed a close working relationship with the CSX railroad. Bartoletti manages Colona’s harbor activities, rail loading, and off-loading and other operations.

Office Phone: 724-773-9706


Plant Manager – Marc Carneghi

Marc Carneghi entered the mining and material handling industries in 1975. Carneghi had a long tenure at Russell Minerals before joining the McClymonds Supply & Transit group of companies in 2003. Mr. Carneghi manages the plants at Colona Transfer, including the rail unloading hoppers, conveyors, samplers, and stackers. He also oversees other plants and systems for the group, including at www.rweholdingco.com and www.westpennaggregates.com.

Mr. Carneghi moved to western Pennsylvania from Illinois in 1990. He is an avid outdoorsmen.


Account Manager – George Petrus

George Petrus has a 19 year career in operations.  Since 2013, George has been the Account Manager at Colona.  He is responsible for inventory management and sales, and also interchanging with the accounting and operations departments.

Mr. Petrus graduated from Slippery Rock University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree.